Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, May 25, 2020

Returning to Normalcy in Stages from Thursday - Minister of Health

The Minister of Health of Saudi Arabia, Dr. Tawfiq Al Rabiah said that after 5 months of the Corona pandemic, during which the global health systems faced great difficulties in dealing with them, Society has become more aware of this virus now and the importance of social distancing, as its all new experience for all of us.

He said Saudi Arabia will begin to ease the lockdown from Thursday (28th May), The easing of lockdown will be in two pahses and it depends on the reports of the corona virus spreading.

- The first phase will start by expanding our capacity to serve more patients and the second phase will include expanding of testings and early access for the infected in society. These will continue until a return to normalcy, by keeping the concept of social distancing.

- The Health Minister said the people of Saudi Arabia has shown a high amount of responsibility in practicing social distancing. Imposing the precautionary measures during an early phase of the Corona virus has put us in more control.

- The People shall continue taking precautionary measures while leaving their homes by using face masks and hand gloves. With the help of Saudi Government, we spread awareness in the community, maintain health system and doubling the laboratories, Intensive care rooms and ventilators.

- In order to return to normal conditions everyone requires to me highly responsible and active, follow health guidelines, especially for the most dangerous group of elderly, those with chronic diseases, those with respiratory diseases and weak immunity. These groups must take more care of themselves and those around them also take care of them.

Returning to Normalcy in Stages from Thursday - Minister of Health

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