Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, May 1, 2020

Saudi Arabia to conduct Mass Community Screening to fight against the Coronavirus

The Health Ministry in Saudi Arabia has taken a step forward in its fight against the Corona virus and introduced mass community testing survey, which will be conducted in an organized manner through scheduled screening appointments all over the Kingdom. Trending : No harm of radiation emitted by 5G technology

There will not be any knocking on random doors to test people, The spokesperson from the Ministry said, There is false information on internet, that active survey teams entering homes to start testing, which in not correct. Recommend : Check Exit Re-Entry visa status online in Muqeem

- The mass testing goal is to reduce the spike in cases and catch those areas which are already infected and to stop it from further raising. During mass screening field testing, medical teams normally visit areas where previous infections have been reported and tests the people to make sure there are no any other cases of Coronavirus in that area.

- No doubt, screening tests for Corona virus a great step forward, prevention is gold standard in management of the pandemic on both national and international levels. Most of the infected people do not show any signs or symptoms of being sick in the period of incubation. Most Viewed : Two Holy Mosques to open soon for worshippers

- These are the people who are responsible for the spread of disease and they are the ones screening tests are done in a susceptible population. Mass screening is following by many countries, like United Kingdom, Where they are conducting 10,000 test daily, recently they reached 50,000 tests per day, they are hoping to reach 100,000 test daily in the mass screening.

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