Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, May 9, 2020

The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia launches the Whatsapp Service for 937 Center

The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia announced the launch of its WhatsApp service for the Health Call Center 937. In its first stage. Only chat service (interactive chat) will be available through WhatsApp number 920005937. Trending : Saudi Arabia announces heavy penalties on violating social distancing and public gatherings

The Health ministry stated that, at the beginning of the conversation, the following services will be shown to the beneficiary : 
- Information about the new Corona virus
- Sites of primary health care centers
- An appointment service
- Initiate a health volunteer, Donate blood

The Ministry clarified that the Health Call Center 937 continues to provide its services to the beneficiaries, as it is the voice of the beneficiary and the community, and it works according to the pivotal pivot methodologies around the recipient to provide all services, and its role does not only stop receiving communications, but rather follows up, verifies the closing of communications and complaints, and measures satisfaction and raises proposals for improvement, and also analyzes data, providing statistics and recommendations to ensure better services, and providing creative solutions to ensure the provision of the best services, and that supports the development of services and business, and supports electronic applications provided by the Ministry of Health.

More than 1000 employees, a customer service specialists and a doctor, work in the center through various channels like telephone, social media, email, electronic applications, instant chat on the ministry's website.

The center is one of the call centers that operate within the general management of the call centers in the Ministry of Health, in addition to a center specialized in the business sector, as well as a center specialized in personnel services. See Also : Advanced self sanitization gates installed in Makkah's Grand Mosque

The center also works in accordance with best practices in the field of excellence and communication services, and provides the following services:

Medical consulting service with competent doctors, appointment service for primary health centers, appointment services for smoking cessation clinics, technical support for the applications of the Ministry of e-Health, medical referrals service and requests Treatment, complaints and notifications service, receiving suggestions and creative ideas service, general inquiries service, following up on transactions. Read : History of silver, gold doors of Kaaba over 5000 years

The center operates 24/7 with all its channels :
• The unified number 937
• Twitter : @saudimoh937
• Email :
• Instant chat on the Ministry of Health official website.

Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia launches Whatsapp service at 937 center -

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