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Coronavirus Vaccine cannot be expected until the end of 2021 - World Health Organization Official

The chair of the World Health Organization (WHO) Dale Fisher warned that it is doubtful we will have vaccine before the end of the year 2021. The race for developing a vaccine to end the Coronavirus is speeding as many companies move to clinical trials. Most Viewed : Gatherings of more than 5 people is banned in Saudi Arabia

Governments across the world are pumping money into vaccine research as pharmaceutical firms, startup businesses, universities and research institutes work day and night to develop a vaccine.

In order to control the coronavirus pandemic, the development and mass distribution of vaccine is widely needed. Some may find hope that vaccines have reached trial stage, means they are being tested on humans to see if it works. Recommend : Hefty penalties in Saudi Arabia on violating Social distancing and public gathering

- Senior WHO official Dale Fisher warned that vaccine is unlikely to be available until the end of 2021, People need to have their expectation checked, rather than blindly, hopefully doing what you want because you want it.

- As the vaccines currently under clinical trials are in Phase 1 of the development process, it still need to go through Phase 2 and Phase 3 of trials to ensure they are safe and reliable.

- Once suitable vaccine is found, It will need to be mass produced and mass distributed a potentially lengthy process in itself. See Also : 96% of ICU beds remains empty in Saudi Arabia, We expect it like that - Health Minister

- Its true most of the companies are working very hard on vaccine, But still, typically it would take years to develop a new medicine, Most experts agree that it will a minimum of 12 to 18 months until we see a new vaccine, which is available in the necessary quantities for patients.

- The preliminary results of clinical trials for Gilead Sciences antiviral remdesivir have been promising. Despite very positive information, it is still far from being proven wonder we would love to see.

- However, the best defense against Coronavirus would be a vaccine which would get immunity in the public to stop it, Natural Herd immunity was not the way to go, Herd immunity refers to a situation where enough people in population have become immune to the disease that effectively stops the disease from spreading. Read : Saudi Ministry announces strict penalties on violating Coronavirus measures taken by government

- Each individual has to understand the role they have to play in public health, Instead of just relying on contact tracing measures, simple efforts including social distancing presenting oneself at hospitals and not heading out when sick were so important and necessary.

Coronavirus Vaccine could not expected until the end of 2021 said WHO Official -

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