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Frequently Asked Questions to Absher from Citizens and Expatriates of Saudi Arabia

The Absher platform answered about 6 inquiries of users on its Twitter, which includes the mechanism of transporting domestic worker services, the delivery of a driver’s license after its renewal, objection to the violations of the curfew and renewing a family visit visa.

1. Authentication of Absher account :

Absher confirmed that people can authenticate their account via self devices or through bank accounts. See Also : Check Iqama Expiry date without Absher using Labor Ministry site

2. Objections to the violations of the Curfew via Absher :

In response to a query of one user about the procedure to object to curfews violations , the Absher platform clarified that an objection can be submitted through the 'messages and documents' service available in Absher, and the selection of committees to consider curfews violations in the area that the person inhabits. See Also : Where is Messages and Documents service in Absher

3. Transfer the services of a domestic worker or private driver through Absher :

The Absher platform explained that it is possible to agree to transfer the services of a domestic worker or private driver; By entering the citizen on his account in Absher and choosing the service to transfer the services, then clicking on Accept to transfer the services.

4. Delivery of driving license after its renewal :

About the delivery of the driver's license after its renewal, the Absher platform notes that the delivery service has been suspended temporarily in line with precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus.

5. Renewing a family visit visa :

The Absher platform clarified in response to an inquiry related to renewing the family visit electronically, that it is possible to communicate with the General Directorate of Passports, through the service of messages and documents in Absher. Read : Procedure to extend family visit visa online through Absher

6. Registering mobile number in Absher :

The Absher platform confirmed that the mobile number registered in Absher can be updated by visiting the nearest self-service device.

Frequently Asked Questions to Absher from Citizens and Expatriates of Saudi Arabia -

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