Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, May 14, 2020

Free International Money Transfer with AlBilad, Enjaz Electronic channels

The electronic channels of Bank Albilad like Enjaz App, Albilad mobile App, Albilad Net banking and ATM allows you to transfer money internationally without any charge, which means it will be free. Similar : Al Rajhi Tahweel announces free international transfers for 6 months with its electronic channels

The current offer is valid till 30th September 2020, It is applicable only on transfer online through its electronic channels. This offer is introduced on a campaign 'StayHome' during the period of Coronavirus pandemic. See Also : Absher adds two new services of Exit and Not return, cancel Huroob

- Enjaz mobile App is available in 8 languages, It includes Enjaz easy transfers and Western Union transfers, You can pay the money through any MADA card to transfer money using Quick Access feature.

Procedure to do International Transfer using Enjaz App :

1. Choose Quick Access and enter your Iqama number or Saudi National ID.

2. Enter one time password sent to your mobile from Bank Albilad.

3. In main menu, click Tab select the beneficiary.

4. Enter amount to send and purpose of Transfer.

5. Confirm to Proceed. Know more : Procedure to send money through STCPay

6. Pay with any MADA card.

7. Your transfer is completed.

Transfer money Internationally for free online through Enjaz, Albilad bank -

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