Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Jawazat adds Two new Services to serve the beneficiaries of Absher account

The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia announced the addition of two new services to the "Messages and Documents" on the online platform "Absher" from now onwards. Trending : Registration of Awdah service is available for all countries

The two new services which included in Absher online are "canceling the notification of absenteeism (Huroob or Absent from work) for domestic workers," and the other one is "Exit and no longer Return" for all beneficiaries of absher services.

The Jawazat explained that the beneficiary can access the "messages and documents" service by entering into his Absher account and then point to "electronic services".

1. Choose 'services' icon from "My Services" then public services and "messages and documents". See Also : Procedure to apply for Awdah service to return to home country from Saudi Arabia

2. Select the "General Directorate of Passports" sector in To section.

3. Choosing the required service from the list that includes in addition to the new services like

* Resident identity problems
* Visa problems
* Problems updating passport information and transfer of information
* Problems of transferring services and altering the profession
* Suggestions for developing services
* Extending the visit visa for Yemeni nationals
** He went out and never come back (New)
** Cancel a report of Absence (New)
writing the topic And the message then click on «Send».

- The General Directorate of Passports indicated that the availability of this service electronically was one of the steps to enhance electronic transactions and communicate with specialists in the General Directorate of Passports to address the observations and problems facing by beneficiaries that appear to them on the Absher platform, and may to fix the difficulty of their transactions and apply the implementation of the service electronically through the “Absher” platform, and Jawazat process the application automatically without having to visit Jawazat offices.

- The Jawazat called on all citizens and residents to take advantage of electronic services to implement their procedures through the Absher and Muqeem platform that includes many procedures that are provided to citizens, expatriates and visitors, to facilitate them, shorten time and save effort, so as to ensure them fast delivery and quality of service, without the need to visit the offices of Jawazat. Read : Procedure to check available funds on your iqama

Jawazat adds Two new Services to serve the beneficiaries of Absher -

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