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Saudi Arabia Covid-19 : Total Cases : 44830, Cured : 17622, Deaths: 273, Active Cases : 26935

Ministry of Health spokesperson to Saudi Arabia confirms 1905 new Coronavirus cases, 2365 new Recoveries and 9 new deaths may god have mercy on them in the last 24 hours on 13th May 2020, Almost all of  the Corona infected patients are in stable condition, while 147 cases are on critical condition and are being treated in various hospital's ICU, All the confirmed and infected cases are isolated and are being treated in the Kingdom, the Total Coronavirus cases as of Today are as follows
Infections : 44,830
Recovered : 17,622
Deaths : 273
Active Cases : 26,935
Critical : 147

-  The Spokesperson of Ministry of Health said death rate is stable in Saudi Arabia and at low levels when compared to globally. 40% of the confirmed cases recovered, we must continue to make precautions to reach the goal of ending a Corona virus.  Trending : Saudi Arabia announces Eid-Al-Fitr Holidays for Public and Private sectors

Providing health services during the pandemic, neither the Ministry of Health nor the rest of the health authorities lost any focus or methods in dealing with emergencies, so I reassured everyone that the services are provided to all patients with different types of cases that occur to them. 

- One third of the reported cases are recovered in Saudi Arabia at a percentage of 40%. In Today's report cases, There are 8% Children, 4% Seniors, 88% Adults, 22% are females and 78% are males

-  - The new deaths were recorded Today in Jeddah and Makkah Mukarammah of 1 Saudi citizen and 7 residents, Their ages ranged between 42 and 80 years. Larger cases are expected to recover in the coming days.

- When developing assessments for any geographical area, it is important to know the spread in it. If the spread is active in any focus, appropriate steps will be placed in closing it. 

For the second consecutive day, the number of recoveries is greater than the number of new cases of Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia. Today the largest 673 cases recorded in Riyadh of coronavirus  See Also : Saudi Arabia imposes Total Curfew all over the Kingdom during Eid-Al-Fitr Holidays

- Among the 1905 new infections, The new cases announced today are the proportion of Saudis 32%, and expatriates are 68%.

- Worldwide Covid-19 infection details as of Today (13th May) are
Infections : 4,278,180
Recovered : 1,502,620

Deaths : 292,316

Saudi Arabia Corona Virus cases on 13th May 2020 -

Saudi Arabia Corona Virus cases on 13th May 2020 -

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