Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, July 5, 2020

Guide for sending Remittance to Home Country using STC Pay with a fee of 5 SR

STC Pay mobile app allows you to Transfer money internationally with a fee of 16 Saudi Riyals without visiting any remittance center, It allows you to send through your mobile, A new campaign allows you to get 5 SR cash back on every Internationl Transfer. Use our Promo Code :  AJUOXO before it expires.

In order to transfer money internationally, Just download and install app from Play Store or App Store. Once you installed, Verify mobile number with received SMS code.

1. In order to send money, You need to add Money to your STC Pay App using debit card or credit card or Bank or Sadad.

2. Once you done, Please click "International Remittance" from the screen, then click "Send Money Now".

3. Enter Receiver details like Full Name, Select relationship, Country and then select any option from "Cash Pickup" or credit "Direct to Bank", Options may change depending on the country you select.

4. Enter receiver details, In case of crediting to bank, Enter details like Bank Name, Account Number, IFSC Code and Purpose of Remittance then click on "Continue".

- You can use our Promo code as "AJUOXO".

5. Once the beneficiary details are submitted, It will be approved within few hours. Then you can enter the required amount to send. Verify the amount, exchange rate, etc,.

6. Once Confirmed, Money will be credited into Receiver account within same day, In case of Cash Pickup, You will receive MTCN Number instantly, The sender can send it to receiver to receive it from any Western Union store.

Procedure to Send Money to Home Country using STC Pay

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