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Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman sacrified many Economic Gains to confront Coronavirus - Minister of Health

Saudi Arabia's Health Minister, Dr. Tawfiq bin Fawzan Al Rabiah, thanked the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud for his great support to combat the “Coronavirus” pandemic in the Kingdom, and to the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for his careful follow-up and great support to the health sector And all government sectors. Trending : Saudi Arabia monitoring body temperatures in Al Baha using thermal drones

The Crown Prince is following this crisis with great precision and constant communication to ensure the safety of the citizen and the resident, as the safety of the citizen and the resident has a high priority, stressing that Prince Muhammad bin Salman sacrificed many economic gains to confront the virus said the Health Minister.

Al-Rabiah added, “Praise be to God, we see in this crisis led by the Crown Prince a great harmony between government sectors to achieve the highest levels of safety and protect everyone from this virus, providing thanks and appreciation to the companies and individuals who contributed to the Corona fight fund under the umbrella of the health financing,” noting that the contributions are significant, As financial and in-kind contributions amounted to about one billion riyals. Most Viewed : Saudi Chambers clarifies the procedure of getting movement permit during curfew

He pointed out that during the past week, an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases was observed, “We are living in a big challenge, and we are part of this world that is going through a big challenge of Corona virus, where the number of infected people has almost doubled within a week, and this shows the size of the challenge and shows the difficult phase we all living in, ”he said, noting that there are great challenges ahead and the people must comply with the directives to stay in their homes.

The Minister of Health called on everyone to the importance of staying at home and not going out except for necessity and commitment to precautions. “Everyone is in one boat, and if we all commit, we will reach safely, and everyone faces a great challenge to ensure national health security, so everyone is responsible and we are all responsible.”

The increase in infections in recent days in the housing of workers, calling the supervisors of these housing and the companies to apply the highest precautionary measures, explaining that the committee led by the Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs in charge and the Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources are doing a great effort, and he called upon everyone in the private sector With the support of the state in applying the highest precautions in workers' housing. Recommend : SAMA calls all Saudi banks to extend ATM card validity and suspension of bank accounts during Coronavirus

He drew attention to the fact that the overcrowded neighborhoods have an increasing number of infections, calling on the residents of these neighborhoods to commit to sitting in their homes and applying the highest rates of precaution to ensure the safety of their families and those they love.

- Dr. Al-Rabiah stressed that until now there is no treatment or vaccine for Coronavirus, there are great efforts at the world level and even at the Kingdom level in the search for a treatment or vaccine for this virus, asking God that everyone be successful in obtaining the appropriate treatment for them, indicating that the Kingdom is doing To work a therapeutic protocol to achieve the best treatments currently available and accelerate the recovery of those infected with the virus. See Also : Ministry of Human resources and Social development affirms illegality of ending contractual relationship

Thanks, gratitude and appreciation to health practitioners who make great sacrifices and are dedicated to providing everything they can for the best treatment and best services for everyone, who visits hospitals and centers of all kinds, as well as the security men who spread in the fields, streets and all locations to ensure the application of the curfew.

Saudi Crown Prince scarified many Economic Gains to Confront Coronavirus - Saudi-ExpatriatesCom

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