Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Ministry of Municipality and Rural Affairs 'Balady' Platform to get permits during Curfew

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs in Saudi Arabia started issuing curfew passes to staff of the companies engaged by different municipalities to operate different tasks, Private sector companies engaged in activities requests comes under the Ministry of Municipal Rural Affairs (MMRA). Related : Saudi chambers clarifies the mechanism to get permit during curfew

Balady portal of MMRA is issuing new passes, The unified request forms, nullifying old passes, Owners of the companies can access 'Balady' platform, select the icon for issuance of permit for travel during curfew for exempted activities reported Saudi Gazette.

- Firms can also register their workers requiring movement permits, The approval of the application can be done from the pertinent municipality. In case of the workers moving by bus, one permit will be issued for the driver, he will be informed of approval by SMS message, He can print the permit via "Balady" platform (www.balady.gov.sa).

- In order to get the approval from the Interior Ministry, Company owners must get their movement permits stamped by paying a visit to the Interior Ministry offices or via MOI representatives in the municipal sectors. See Also : Saudi Crown Prince sacrified many Economic gains to confront Coronavirus

- The Municipality Ministry calls all companies owners to expedite submitting applications for permits via "Balady" platform to avoid their businesses and interests being delayed. The main goal of making all activities , measures and procedures is to be compliance with the government directives in various sectors.

Ministry of Municipality and Rural Affairs 'Balady' Platform to get Curfew Passes - Saudi-ExpatriatesCom

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