Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, March 8, 2020

Saudi Arabia suspends From and To into Qatif Province, After all the 11 cases belong to the region

The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia suspended the entries and exits in Qatif Province, Eastern region of Saudi Arabia, After all the 11 cases of coronavirus in the country belongs to the Qatif governorate. Trending : Saudi Arabia reports 11 coronavirus cases as of now

For now, The movements are limited to In and out for the region residents as a precaution of spreading the virus, The suspension is temporary, but all those who belongs to the region are allowed to enter.

- Government and Private sector work services will be temporarily shut down, excluding essential services like Pharmacies, Petrol stations, Healthcare, Municipal and security facilities, environmental and shops. Read : These countries people must self-quarantine in their homes after arrival for 14 days

- Transportation of items and supplies are allowed into the Qatif province, but with some measures in order to ensure the public health. All Schools, universities and professional educational institutes to remain closed for 14 days starting from Today.

- Those who are affected by these procedures will be granted medical leave issued electronically and approved by the Ministry Of Health. The Ministry said the cooperation of all citizens in implementing the precautionary measures would have greatest impact on the success of measures taken. Most Viewed : Mataf re-opened for Tawaf in Makkah

- The decision will also enable related authorities to provide the best medical care so as to prevent the spread of the virus and eliminate it in a way ensuring the safety of all.

Saudi Arabia suspends Entries and Exits into Qatif region, After 11 cases belongs to it

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