Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, March 6, 2020

Mataf Re-Opened, Masa, Al Rawdah areas closed Temporarily in Makkah's & Madina's Grand Mosques

The General Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques official in Saudi Arabia said the obligatory prayers (All 5 Prayers) will be allowed inside the Makkah's Grand Mosque, However, The Mataf (Tawaf) was closed earlier now opened for public and Masa (Safa-Marwah) areas of Umrah and Hajj pilgrimage will remain closed until the suspension of Umrah pilgrimage lifted as per the report of Saudi Press Agency (SPA). Trending : Saudi Arabia temporarily ban Umrah pilgrimage

In the Prophets Mosque (Madinah's Grand Mosque) Al Rawda Al Sharif and the old mosque will also remain closed until the ban of Umrah pilgrimage lifted, Except this remaining all Mosque is open for all the obligatory prayers. The Jannatul Baqi Cemetery will also remains closed for visitors.

- The Two Holy Mosques (Makkah and Madina's Grand Mosques) will be closed one hour after Isha (Night) prayer and will reopen before one hour of Fajr (Morning) Prayer. See Also : Refund service for paid Umrah visas for all countries

- The steps of closing some areas and after Isha prayers in the Grand Mosques are part of the precautionary health measures recommended by the related authorities, and to maintain the cleanliness and intensifying sterilization work at the Two Holy Mosques and to stop the spread of infection.

- The decision of temporarily ban for Umrah pilgrimage for local citizens and residents will also applicable on the residents of Makkah and anyone wearing Ihram will not be allowed to enter in the Grand Mosques and its courtyards during this time, until the suspension of Umrah Pilgrimage lifted.

- The authorities also decided to not allow persons to remain in the Grand Mosques or to bring foods and drinks inside the mosques, All Zamzam water containers will be stopped serving to pilgrims in this period.

- On 5th March 2020, The Health authorities in Saudi Arabia emptied out all the area and surroundings of Islam's holiest site Makkah to sanitize the area amid coronavirus concerns.

Mataf, Safa, Marwah, Al Rawdah areas closed Temporarily in Makkah & Madina

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