Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, March 7, 2020

Countries where the risk of COVID-19 spread is High, Must submit PCR lab test certificate

The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia will take all the necessary precautionary measures at the airports of Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam and its land borders, For now only commercial trucks allowed entries from border crossings, so, this procedure is applicable on Truck drivers and their companions. Related : Saudi Arabia limits border with UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait

Anyone who wish to come to Saudi Arabia on new visa or on a pre-existing valid visa from any country where the risk of the spread of coronavirus is more as per the determination of Saudi Health authorities, Is required to present PCR lab test certificate proving that he or she is coronavirus free. Read : Mataf area near Kaaba re-opened after one day of closure for deep cleaning

- It applies on all those who resided in those countries within a time frame of 14 days prior to entering the Saudi Arabia reported Saudi Press Agency.

- All the airlnes must follow and ensure the authenticity of the lab test and make sure that they were issued within 24 hours prior to the passenger boarding the flight. See Also : Saudi Arabia temporarily suspends Umrah pilgrimage for domestic pilgrims

- The Kingdom put in place mechanisms in order to combat the spread of the coronavirus, The source excluded from the previous procedures the humanitarian and social cases, based on the given data and facts of Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior.

Saudi Arabia limits Entry of Arrivals from those countries where the risk of COVID-19 spread is High

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