Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, February 8, 2020

Saudi Arabia has banned all travel by its Citizens and Residents to China

Last week, Saudi Arabia has banned from traveling to corona virus hit China for its citizens and expatriate residents, those who breach the rule may face heavy penalties announced the Kingdom. Most Viewed : Beautiful tips for Charity, Everyone should follow

In order to prevent the virus from China, Saudi Arabia suspends travels of its citizens and expatriates of the Kingdom to the China in accordance with the health measures adopted against the spreading of virus. Recommend : Saudi airport takes precautionary measures on Corona Virus

Those expatriates who visited China will be banned from returning to Saudi Arabia, China's Corona virus killed 563 people as of now and it has infected more than 28,000 people. Which lead in global panic about the virus.

- Millions of people in China are staying indoors as the many cities shut down in China as the virus is spreading more faster. About 2 dozens of countries have confirmed cases of the respiratory disease which come out from a market selling exotic animals in the Wuhan Chinese city. Read : Saudi Arabia is planning to end Kafala system soon

- Saudi Arabia's neighbor country United Arab Emirates (UAE) has reported 7 confirmed cases, all of them arrived from Wuhan, China. All the Gulf countries Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman advised their citizens to not travel to China for any purpose.

Saudi Citizens and Residents travel to China after Ban to face Penalties

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