Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, February 1, 2020

Saudi Airports take Precautionary Measures on CoronaVirus

Saudi Arabia airports has enforced precautionary measures at all its airports against the new virus called Coronavirus, After number of countries detecting it, which took tens of lives in China. Trending : Check iqama expiry date in a new way

The preventive measures will apply on all Kingdom's airports and the passengers flying from China on direct or non direct flights with the help of the Saudi Civil Aviation Authority and Ministry of Health precautionary. Recommend : New rules of Exit Re-Entry visa in Saudi Arabia

- According to Saudi Agency, It has instructed airports and airlines operating in Saudi Arabia to take necessary health precautions for passengers, especially those who are coming from countries where the Corona-virus cases have been detected.

- As per Health Authorities of Saudi Arabia, As of now no cases has been detected on Coronavirus in the Kingdom. The Indian nurse working in Aseer region is reportedly infected with Corona is not true, She is suffering from MERS not Corona-Virus. World Health Organization (WHO) declares Corona-virus a global health emergency.

- Recently, Saudi Arabia has started issuing entry visas for number of countries as part of its efforts to boost Tourism in the country. Read : Check your Saudi Company status in Labor Ministry

- The Saudi Embassy in China, called its citizens from Wuhan city of China, where this virus broke out last month, to communicate with Embassy in order to evacuate them.

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