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12 Beautiful Tips for Charity or Sadaqah, Make it as your Habit

Charity or Sadaqah is a word for voluntarily giving help to those who need it, it may be in the form of money or anything. To boost your happiness and to reduce stress you need to spend money on others, It makes you happier than spending money on yourself. Charity (Zakat) is 3rd pillar in Islam, Every eligible Muslim must do charity.

12 Beautiful tips for doing Charity or Sadaqah :

1. Sponsor an orphan with your own money.

2. If there is a construction going on around, get a box of water or juice and give it to the labors, It comes into a Sadaqah.

3. Keep a bowl or glass of water on your window for the birds, that's charity. Make it a habit and you will be rewarded, In'Sha'Allah.

4. Give your old clothes to poor or needy, In'Sha'Allah its come in a charity too.

5. Keep a box in your room and put a penny whenever you seem to have sinned, open the box later and give the cash for charity and make it as habit.

6. If there is water left in your glass, put it in the plant pot.

7. Cheer your brother or sister, especially those who are sad or sick.

8. Smile, Its Charity too.

9. Do not sleep until you have forgiven whoever have hurt you.

10. Write the Dua of entering the house and leaving the house on a sheet of paper, stick it on the entrance of house, You will be rewarded for whoever read it.

11. Buy a praying mat and keep it a Mosque or gives it to someone, Whoever prays on it, In'sha'Allah you will be rewarded for it.

12. Keep a Quran in any Mosque or give it to someone and get the reward for whoever reads even a single letter of it. The reward for reading a letter is multiplied into 10 times so imagine your reward.

You can also list your tips of charity in the comment box for our readers.

Beautiful Tips for Charity or Sadaqah

This article was first published on 16th May 2020 and updated on 6th April 2022.

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