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CCHI specifies the procedure to check Umrah Insurance validity and its details

The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI) in Saudi Arabia revealed the steps through which the pilgrims coming from outside the Kingdom can inquire about the health insurance status and make sure that it is valid electronically.

The Health Council specified steps through which a pilgrim on Umrah visa can inquire about the health insurance,

1. Visit the official website of the Cooperative Health Insurance Council and choose 'e-services' and click on Inquiries about insurance status.

3. Enter the Passport Number in the next box and then Image code in another box, click OK.

- Now you can see all the details of your insurance include Insurance name, type, status, passport number, policy number, issue date, expiry date and upload date.

- In case you did not have insurance the status simply shows 'No Health Insurance Found for this number'. See Also : Procedure to check Visit Visa health insurance using CCHI

- Earlier this, the Ministry of Interior has confirmed that people coming to the Kingdom on all kinds of visit visas must get health insurance for emergency treatment including Corona coverage in case a person gets infected with the Covid-19.

- The rule of insurance applies on all visitors including those coming on Umrah visa, Tourism visa as well as multiple entry visas.

- The coverage of the insurance must be for the entire period of the visitor's stay in the Kingdom. The insurance policy must be renewed in case of visa extension.

- Meanwhile, the Tawakkalna confirmed that those who come to Saudi Arabia on visit visas after getting medical insurance against Covid-19 can contact the health insurance council if their status is not 'Insured visitor' on Tawakkalna application.

- Tawakkalna explained that those on a visit visa and who have valid health insurance, then their status will on the application will be Insured visitor and those who do not active insurance their status on the Tawakkalna application will be 'Uninsured visitor'.

CCHI specifies the procedure to check Umrah Insurance validity and its details -

This article was published in 6th April 2022 and updated on 1st October 2022

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