Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, February 11, 2020

NRI Worker dies in Saudi Arabia after long illness

A poor worker died in Saudi Arabia under a sad situation, The worker named Mohammed Amjad was of 55 years, he was sick from last 3 months, passed away in the Kingdom, his last wish was to return home went worthless.

Amjad was doing labor job in Afif region of the Kingdom for the last 30 years, His employer failed to renew his iqama, due to which he became an illegal expatriate of Saudi Arabia, as per his friends.

- He face difficulty in finding a new job and his health also started to fail, He tell his friends, he want to take his last breath at his home. But his fortune not allowed to fulfill his wish despite his family and friends struggled to take him back to his country. Similar : Thank you Saudi Arabia, You will remain in our hearts

- When he fell sick, he was rushed to hospital, where he was diagnosed with multiple complications, which needs lengthy treatment. Then he was shifted to a hospital in Riyadh far from his work location for his better treatment, where he passed away.

- In Riyadh, An activist coordinated with related authorities and finished Amjad last rights, It was not a easy task to repatriate the body of the worker as his iqama was expired and he was banned from travelling, beside it his health also did not allows him to travel. Read : Indians can travel to 58 countries without visa

- Most of the illiterates do not know their rights especially those who live in remote areas, It is not a easy task for them to visit to their embassy, As it is faraway from their location and they do not know to whom they approach and what procedure to follow.

NRI worker dies in Saudi Arabia after lengthy Sickness

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