Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, February 14, 2020

Saudi Arabia shivers in its worst Cold spell since the year 2016

The overnight temperatures dropping in Saudi Arabia to zero and minus degrees is the coldest weather since 2016 said Meteorologists, After a cold wave hit in the region especially in the north over the past 2 days.

The capital city Riyadh of Saudi Arabia recorded dropping of its temperature to zero and minus one and the streets were deserted on Tuesday and Wednesday as the feel of the weather was minus two and three degree Celsius.

- Tarif region of Saudi Arabia recorded -5 degree Celsius as per weather services, This region of the Kingdom is the border to Jordan. Read : Temperatures dropped in Saudi Arabia to its worst

- Hail recorded to -3 degree Celsius temperature, Many users posted the weather updates on social media. Hafar Al Batin, Qassim region also records lowest temperatures.

- ArAr region of Saudi Arabia recorded its temperature to -2 degree Celsius, This region of the Kingdom also shares border with Iraq.

- Saudi Arabia is known for its desert's Heat during Summer, But cold also not far behind for the region in the winter. Some regions of the Kingdom see snowfall, Tourists visited Saudi Arabia enjoyed the weather. See Also : Cloud-seeding technology to increase rainfall in Saudi Arabia

- Ministry of Meteorology and Environment warns its citizens and expatriates to not to go isolated places and asked to stay warm as the temperature drops to its lowest levels.

Worst cold wave in Saudi Arabia since 2016

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