Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, February 27, 2020

Saudi Health Ministry Coordinates with Ministry of Health in Bahrain & Kuwait to treat infected Saudi Nationals

The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia has confirmed that 6 Saudi women currently in Bahrain are infected with the novel Corona-virus while returning from Iran. The six women to remain in Bahrain Kingdom until their full recovery. Trending : Saudi Arabia suspends Umrah pilgrimage temporarily

The Saudi Ministry of Health (MOH) is coordinating with the Bahraini Ministry of Health to treat the 6 Saudi women as per the scientific recommendations and standards approved by the WHO (World Health Organization). Read : Saudi King Salman orders urgent aid to China to fight with Corona Virus

- The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia asked everyone to call on 937 toll free service center for any inquiry regarding the new virus, stressing taking information for the authentic sources and not to believed on rumors.

- The Ministry of Health in Bahrain informed that 8 people were infected with Corona Virus while returning from Iran, It includes 6 Saudi women, All are under constant observation from a competent medical team and everyone is moved to isolation as a precautionary measure. See Also : Saudi Arabia suspends travel to Iran after Coronavirus

- Before this, Kuwait's Ministry of Health confirmed that a Saudi citizen and 3 others are infected with Coronavirus in Kuwait, All of them are monitored in isolated places until they fully recover. Saudi Arabia is coordinates with Kuwaiti Ministry Of Health to treat a Saudi national , he will remain in Kuwait till his recovery. Most Viewed : Saudi Airports take precautionary measure on Coronavirus

- Saudi Arabia has no cases of Coronavirus as of now, Iran confirmed 139 cases of similar sickness related to Coronavirus, the deaths climbed to 19. The country has most Coronavirus cases in the Middle East, Slowly the virus is started spreading in Middle East countries. Everyone is informed to wash their hands regularly and avoid keeping hands or fingers in mouth, nose or eyes to stop it from enter into the body.

Four Saudi Women & 1 Man infected with Corona in Bahrain and Kuwait

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