Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Saudi Arabia's King Salman issued a Royal decree to create 3 new Ministries and Merge 2 Ministries

Saudi Arabia's King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz issued a Royal decree for creation of 3 new ministries, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Sports and Ministry of Investment as per the order published on Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

The Royal decree also stated merge of 2 ministries, The Ministry of Civil Service is now merged with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development making it as the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. Read : Saudi Arabia to invest $110 billion on Jafurah gas field

- Former Saudi Energy Minister Khalid Al Falih to lead the newly created Ministry of Investment as per the announcement of cabinet reshuffle. The Ministry of Media and Civil Service is now removed.

- Dr. Majed bin Abdullah al Qasabi to continue as Trade Minister, He willl also hand Ministry of Media from now on wards. Majed bin Abdullah bin Hamad Al Haqil to continue as Minister of Housing and he will also handle Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs from now on wards.

- The Royal order also states that the Commission for Tourism and National Heritage would be now the Ministry of Tourism and Ahmed Al Khatib to handle it as Minister. See Also : Saudi Arabia targets for 100 million Tourists by 2030

King Salman orders Creation of 3 new Ministries and Merge of Two

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