Sep 12, 2019

Saudi Arabia and Iraq to reopen the ArAr crossing on October 15

Saudi Arabia and Iraq have agreed to open the ArAr border on October 15 for crossing into the countries on commercial purposes. Similar : Najran airport reopens after 4 years of closure

According to the Iraq Border Crossing Authority Chairman the opening of the checkpoint would be first experimental. See Also : King Hamad Causeway between Saudi and Bahrain parallel to King Fahad Causeway

- As per the statement of him to the News Agency, The reopening of ArAr border crossing was the result of agreements between Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

- This is a positive step which will signal the opening of all border crossing between the two countries, The border crossing has already fitted with modern equipment to develop trade exchanges. Most Viewed : Cancellation of 2000 SR repeat Umrah fees

Saudi Arabia and Iraq to reopen ArAr corssing on October 15

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