Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, September 10, 2019

New King Hamad Causeway between Saudi Arabia & Bahrain to cost $4 Billions

The construction of the new Saudi-Bahrain King Hamad Causeway to begin in 2021 with a cost of 4 Billion dollars as per the Centre for Information and Studies in the Eastern Chamber of Saudi Arabia. Trending : Hajj, Umrah and Visit visas set to introduce for 300 SR in Saudi Arabia

The new King Hamad Causeway will connect two countries Saudi Arabia and it is parallel to the existing King Fahad Causeway. The causeway starts from Saudi Arabia's Eastern city Dammam to Bahrain's Budaiya. Recommend : Cancellation of 2nd time Umrah visa fee

- King Hamad Causeway will extend along 75 Kms in both the countries Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, The plan includes a motorway and two railway tracks, one for the passenger trains and the other for freight trains.

- The Saudi-Bahrain King Hamad Causeway is going to reduce the traffic on the King Fahad Causeway especially during the holidays and vacationsn. This will be the 2nd bridge to connect Saudi Arabia with Bahrain. Read : Heavy intensity of traffic at King Fahad Causeway

Saudi Bahrain new King Hamad Causeway to cost 4 BIllion Dollars

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