Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, July 1, 2019

Saudi Jawazat started issuing Hajj e-Permits for expatriates who wish to enter in Makkah

Jawazat in Saudi Arabia has started issuing Hajj permits electronically to expatriates who are wishing to enter the Holy city Makkah for the pilgrimage. Registrations for getting the permit can be done through Muqeem electronic platform through https://portal.elm.sa/

In order to get permit applicants need to fill the forms and submit the required documents for getting the permit without visiting Jawazat office, the electronic print can be used for entry into Makkah. Trending : Expats can now apply for Saudi Green Card

- Both Saudis and expatriates who wish to perform Hajj this year can get their Hajj permit. Expatriates can not enter into the holy city unless their iqamas are issued in Makkah or they hold Hajj permits or work licenses of the holy city.

- The ban of entries for expatriates into Makkah to continue till the completion of Hajj, housemaids working in Makkah but have no documents to prove their source of Muqeem residence card.

- Expatriates working in Makkah and the house helps can obtain their Hajj permits through Absher portal.

Jawazat started issuing e-Permits of Hajj to expatriates

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