Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, July 16, 2020

Procedure to update passport information through Absher portal

Ministry Of Interior's Absher website now allows expatriates to update their dependent's or domestic worker's passport information using portal, earlier this option was only available on Absher mobile app. Related : Update passport information using Absher app

Earlier, The option of naqal maloomat (Updation of passport information) was only available through Jawazat, Now your sponsor can update it, If you are an employee your employer or HR people can update it. If you have dependents you can do it on your own through Abhser website portal.


Procedure to Update Dependent's or Domestic Worker Passport Information :

1. Visit Absher.Sa website and login to your account, verify your mobile.

2. Now Click on "Services" option of Dependents Services, In the next page click on "Update Resident Passport Information", then click on "Proceed" in next page. See Also : Check medical report status for first time iqama

3. Select the dependent name to whom you want to update passport information, Now select "Update Renewed Passport ".


4. Enter Passport number, Optical Character Recognition, New Passport Issued Date, New Passport Expiry Date, New Passport Issuance Country and New Passport Issuance City.

5. After Confirming all the entries, Click on "Update Passport Information", Thats it.

Rules :

- Employees or Workers cannot update their passport information, Only sponsors can. If you have domestic workers or dependents then you can update their passport information. Recommend : Travel status of dependents is now in new Absher

- This option request can be used once in 5 years.

- You cannot able to update if Passport Expiry date is greater than 6 months.

- Sponsor cannot able to update, if they have unpaid traffic violation fines. Read : Saudi authorities set new rules on employing expat engineers

- Passport person should be "Inside Saudi Arabia" while updating passport information.

- Passport person must not be in huroob or Absent from work status.

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