Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, July 16, 2020

Gudie to get Free Baby Vaccination from MOH in Saudi Arabia

Vaccination is very important for babies health, it will prevent spread of contagious, dangerous and even deadly diseases. Vaccinations are very expensive in private hospitals even though you have insurance, but it is free in government hospitals of Saudi Arabia. Similar : Guide to get birth certificate from Ahwal Al Madani in Saudi Arabia

Procedure to get free baby vaccination from Saudi government hospital :

In order to get free vaccination for your baby from Saudi government hospitals you need

1. Baby Resident Identity card (Iqama, birth certificate, etc,.). Your baby should be linked with you in Absher.

2. Your National Address print out or House rental contract paper.

3. Appointment with Saudi government hospital, you should book appointment with your nearest government hospital.

How to book appointment with your nearest Saudi government hospital :

1. Visit , select on English and click on 'Password with SMS' and enter your absher user id and password, verify it with sms received.

2. Now visit MOH website and click on 'Sign in to Mawid System' at the bottom left side.

3. The next page will allow you to make appointments, You need to add your dependents here by just entering their iqama numbers.

4. Click on Well Baby and Vaccination Clinic, Select patient name (You or your dependents) and book appointment date and time. See Also : Free flights for lifetime to newborn

- Don't forget to take all the above mentioned documents with you at the time of your appointment.


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