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Required documents to Saudi Embassy for stamping Family Visit Visa and for Visitor's Medical Insurance
Once your family visit visa is issued from Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, you need to send it in your home country where the stamping will be done at Saudi Embassy or Consulate through travel agent. Your agent also process visitor's medical insurance as it is mandatory while stamping visa. In case you do not know whether your visit visa is issued or not you can check it by following this article "Family visit visa issuance status of Saudi Arabia".

Required documents to Saudi Embassy for Stamping family visit visa of Saudi Arabia and for Visitor's medical or health insurance.

1. Visa copy issued from MoFA

2. Applicant Original Passport with more than 6 months validity

3. Applicant's Old passport if available

4. Sponsor's Passport copy (Front and Back)

5. Sponsor's valid Iqama copy Related : Check iqama expiry date

6. Sponsor Address in Saudi Arabia for Medical Insurance of the applicant

7. In case of wife, Marriage certificate, if the wife name is not available on the husband's passport.

8. In case of wife parents, Wife passport copy and iqama copy if available

9. In case of children, Birth certificate.

10. For other relatives, carry approved authorities documents of relationship proof.

10. Two Passport size photographs with white back ground

11. Email Id and phone number

12. Payment for visitor's medical Insurance and agent fee for stamping.

- - The passports could be collected from the VFS center after 15 days. The applicant will receive a message on the mobile when it is time to receive the passport. Carry a document and receipt while going to collect the passport. You can check your stamping status any time by following this article "Procedure to check stamping status on your passport".


This article was first published on 8th January 2019 and updated on 12th January 2022

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