Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The World's Top 10 Weakest Currency Rates in US Dollars & Saudi Riyals in 2020

Everyone is aware of top currencies in the world, But we wonder do you know weakest currencies of the world, we bring here top 10 weakest currencies of the world for the year 2020, There may be a slight change in the values due to fluctuation in today rates. Trending : STC Pay Promo Code : AJUOXO

1. Iranian Riyal : Iranian Riyal is on the top of the list with lowest currency rate in the world, Being an oil rich country, It could not export its oil. After Iran-Iraq war, Israel attack and a threat of Nuclear weapon from government lead superpowers to force their economic and political sanctions. Its currency code is IRR.

1 US Dollar = 42,105 IRR and 1 Saudi Riyal = 11,208 IRR

2. Vietnamese Dong : Its a currency of Vietnam and its currency code is VND, For now Vietnam dong is on second number in the list of lowest currencies in the world. Recommend : Population wise country rankings in 2020

1 US Dollar = 23,335 VND and 1 Saudi Riyal = 6,212 VND
3. Indonesian Rupiah : Its a currency of Indonesia, A country in the South East Asia, Its currency code is IDR and in this year, it remained to the 3rd position in the list of lowest currencies of the world.

1 US Dollar = 14,769 IDR and 1 Saudi Riyal = 3,931 IDR

4. Uzbek Som : Uzbekistan currency ranked in 4th position in the list of lowest currencies of the world, Its currency code is UZS. Read : Top companies in Saudi Arabia

1 US Dollar = 10,110 UZS and 1 Saudi Riyal = 2,691 UZS

5. Sierra Leonean Leone : Sierra Leone is a poor African country, Its currency devalue because of war and now its facing Ebola death virus prevails, Its currency code is SLL.

1 US Dollar = 9,730 SLL and 1 Saudi Riyal = 2,590 SLL

6. Guinean Franc : Guinea is the African country and it is most expensive country as it has natural resources like Gold, Adamants and Aluminium. However its currency is low and it is on 6th place in lowest currencies of the world, Its currency code is GNF. See Also : Top and Bottom destination countries for Expats

1 US Dollar = 9,470 GNF and 1 Saudi Riyal = 2,521 GNF

7. Laotian Kip or Lao : Lao is the currency which did not devalue, the currency was issued with low rate, Its improved very good in the last years against US Dollars, Its currency code is LAK.

1 US Dollar = 9,000 LAK and 1 Saudi Riyal = 2,395.91 LAK

8. Paraguayan Guarani : Paraguay is the second poverty South American country, It exports cotton and soybean, however it will hardly cover its expenses, Its currency code is PYG. New : Fine for Animal abusing in Saudi

1 US Dollar = 6,590 PYG and 1 Saudi Riyal = 1,754 PYG

9. Cambodian Riel : Cambodian Riel is the currency of Monarch state in South East Asia, Its currency code is KHR.

1 US Dollar = 4,105 KHR and 1 Saudi Riyal = 1,092 KHR

10. Burmese Kyat : Its the currency of Myanmar (Burma) and its currency code is MMK. Most Viewed : No fee on Umrah for Saudi residents

1 US Dollar = 1,407 MMK and 1 Saudi Riyal = 374 MMK


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