Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Saudi Railway Company has started its new train service daily from Riyadh to Hail, It starts from Riyadh at 9:30 AM and leaves from Hail at 3:25 PM in a return journey. These train will cover all stations of Riyadh, Majmaah, Qassim and Hail. Trending : Longest railway line in Saudi Arabia

Travellers can now buy tickets online in advance instead of buying tickets in station queues, You can book your advanced tickets through the Saudi Railways Company website http://www.sar.com.sa/ or mobile app. Recommend : Harmain train between Makkah and Madina

- The online economy ticket price for traveling from Riyadh to Qassim or Qassim to Riyadh for an adult is 75 Saudi Riyals, For a child from 2 to 15 years is 35 Saudi Riyals, For Student and the disabled persons the ticket price is 50 Riyals, Infants below 2 years will not be charged. While for Business class the ticket cost for an adult is 175 SR, For Disabled and Children the cost will be 115 SR.

- For traveling from Riyadh to Majmaah or Majmaah to Riyadh the ticket price for an adult is 50 SR, for Children 25 SR, for Students and disabled persons 30 SR in economy class, In a Business class the cost for same destination for an adult is 145 SR, For children and disabled persons the ticket will costs 95 SR, However Infants below 2 years will not be charged. Related : Dammam & Riyadh train services

- Economy class ticket price from Riyadh to Hail for adults costs 120 SR, for children 60 SR, for students and disabled persons the ticket price will be 80 SR, In business class for same location, the cost of the ticket for adults will be 280 SR, for children between 2 to 15 years and disabled persons the ticket price will be 185 SR and for infants below 2 years there will not be any ticket cost.

- If you have a plan to travel below 21 days the fares will be lowest, Tickets will be available online and on stations up to the half hour before the departure of the train.

- Students and Disabled persons should submit their identity cards and should pre-register in order to get the discounted price. Read : A train for Hajj


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