Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, July 13, 2017

Submit Iqamas of Expats & Dependents whose Exit Re-Entry Expired 

The General Directorate of Passports explained to all the citizens and residents that if an employee or dependent of an expatriate goes on exit re entry visa and unable to come back before its expiry date then they must submit their residence cards or iqama's to Jawazat office within 30 days of time. Related : Procedure after Dependent Exit Re Entry Expired

Those who are unable to present iqama's or muqeem cards of expatriates or its dependents to the General Directorate of Passports department with in 30 days of their exit re entry expiry, They are going to face huge penalties and fines.

- As once the employee or dependents not returned with in expiry date their records will be no more valid as the new automated system will overthrown those records from the Jawazat systems and the status will be changed to "Not Returned, Exited". Similar : How to come back in new visa after re entry expired

- It is the Sponsor duty to take care of their employee or family in order to avoid various penalties and fines prescribed in the Jawazat system, so after the expiry of exit re entry submit your employees or dependents muqeem cards .

- These information is a important notice to those all expatriates who sent their dependents or family members on exit re entry before the implementation of dependent fee ie,. July 1st of 2017 and for those who planned to remain their families in home countries. Recommended : Procedure to cancel exit re entry visa

- If those expatriates have plans to bring their family back into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, They have only thirty days of time to get a review from Jawazat after their exit re entry visa expired. Near by : Procedure to cancel final exit visa


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