Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, July 14, 2017


Wage Protection System to move on its next level from 1st August of 2017, In this level it will cover all the private sectors or organizations of Saudi Arabia having more than 60 employees as per the statement of Ministry Of Labor and Social Development. Related : Wage Protection System in Saudi Arabia

What is WPS (Wage Protection System) ?

Wage Protection System will ensure that all the private sector employees are correctly paid as per their contracts, It will track all the salaries of expatriates and Saudi citizens on the private companies. New : Domestic workers can also transfer to another kafeel

- The 11th phase of Wage Protection System is about to cover 7000 organizations in the Kingdom which results in more than 481,000 employees as per the statement of Ministry's spokeperson, Khaled Aba Al Khalil.

- Wage Protection System will track all the private sector employees salaries to be paid on time from these companies, In case of failed to pay on time, the company will be penalized with 3000 Saudi Riyals per each employee salary delay. Similar : Salary Delay Penalties for Employer

- Salary delay will not only penalize the company, It also suspend all the services related to that company if they failed to pay the salaries of employees for 3 months as per the information provided in Wage Protection System of local banks.

- It will also let the employees of such companies to move to another company with out noticing to the current employer. Recommend : Transfer to another employer if your salary delayed

- Wage Protection System was first started on June 2013 as its first phase, At that time it was made mandatory for all the companies with more than 3000 employees, Like this, it covered all the organizations with more than 100 employees in its 10 phases, The 11th phase on its way on August 1st of 2017 covering more than 60 plus employees.

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