Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, February 1, 2017


After a successful year of replacing expatriates Iqama's with a new muqeem identity card in Saudi Arabia, Now renewed iqama's got a slight change, Yes, now 5 years validity is gone from renewed muqeem cards now its displaying Issue date instead of Expiry date. Trending : No tax on expats money

Now renewed muqeem identity cards or iqama's got a slight changes in below places

1. "Expiry date (الانتهاء)" is replaced with "Issue date (الاصدار)".  It does not mean Expiry date is gone, validity still available but it is online. Related : Check Iqama Expiry date online

2. Place of Issue (مكان الاصدار) is now displaying "Electronic Services (الخدمات الإلكترونية)" instead of "City Name".

3. "Business License number (رخصة العمل)" is no more available on renewed muqeem cards.

- Expatriates who already renewed their muqeem cards may already noticed a change, Yes old muqeem cards are now replacing with new muqeem cards, But it is not sure whether it will be change yearly or once in a five years. Most Viewed : New fee on expats iqama from 2018

- Few people may get both iqama cards, Five years validity card and a new card, Those people have to keep in mind that only the new one is valid and the old one is already expired even though it has 5 years validity, As the authorities will now check your "card number (نسخه)".

- "Iqama copy number (نسخه)" is a number, Which will change every time you get a new iqama, Whether you change your name or you renewed iqama or you transfer iqama, The number will change each and every time, This is one of the authentic method to get caught if you are using valid card or not. Hot : Benefits of Iqama

- Last year (1437), Saudi Arabia's government bring a change on expatriates iqama identity cards, The validity of the iqama card extended to 5 years instead of 1 year and the name iqama renamed as muqeem residence identity card. Related : Saudi Muqeem residence card


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