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Performing Hajj or Umrah on Family Visit Visa Saudi Arabia

Most of the new expatriates have a question on their mind, Whether it is possible to perform Umrah or Hajj on Family visit visa in Saudi Arabia or not, This question arise only to those, who are inviting their family first time in visit visa, old expatriates who already invited their families in visit visa may have experience on it, Well for new expatriates, here is the information you are looking for.

While applying for "online visit visa application for Saudi Arabia", You may seen a notification on your screen to agree the terms before applying visit visa, That term, I want to remind you once, So I mentioned below in Arabic and translated text of Arabic in English. Recommended : Saudi Family Visit Visa Process

"أتعهد بتدوين جميع بياناتي بالشكل الصحيح من واقع رخصة الإقامة وتدوين بيانات المطلوب للزيارة من واقع جواز سفره وأتعهد بتوفير السكن العائلي المناسب والتأمين الطبي ومغادرة الشخص المطلوب للزيارة قبل إنتهاء مدة الإقامة المحددة في تأشيرة الدخول وان يكون طيلة مدة إقامته في المملكة خاضعاً للأنظمة والقوانين المرعية وأن الغرض من الطلب هو للزيارة للعائلية فقط وليس لأداء الحج أو العمرة وأتحمل كامل المسئولية إذا ثبت خلاف ذلك. كما أفوض وزارة الخارجية السعودية بالاطلاع على سجل بياناتي في المملكة."

I pledge to write down all my data properly from the reality of residence permit and the codification of data required to visit from the reality of his passport and pledge to provide appropriate family housing, medical insurance and leave required to visit the person ends length of stay specified in the visa before and that will be for the duration of his stay in the Kingdom subject to the laws and regulations in force and that the purpose the demand is for a visit to the family only, and NOT TO PERFORM THE HAJJ OR UMRAH and take full responsibility if it is proven otherwise. Saudi Foreign Ministry also authorize access to the Record Me in the Kingdom.

You can see the above notification in this link "" which is on mofa website while applying for family visit visa online. By this you clearly understand, It is legally not permitted to perform UMRAH and HAJJ on visit visa.

- This is because for Umrah and Hajj there is a separate visa package called Umrah Visa and Hajj Visa.

- Visit Visa is surely not acceptable if you tell you want to bring your family for doing Umrah or Hajj, as it is illegal. Recommended : Visit Visa Status for Saudi Arabia

- Almost every muslim expatriate who visited Saudi Arabia in visit visa did Umrah, And no one stopped any one till now for performing Umrah on visit visa.

What about performing Hajj on visit visa?

Hajj is strictly prohibited without legal permission, whether it is on visit visa or permanent visa or work visa, As Millions of people will perform hajj every year from all over the world, To limit the quota of Hajj it made illegal without legal Hajj permission, Once you perform Hajj, You cannot perform for next 5 years. If you caught doing Hajj illegally, You will be jailed, imposed fine on you, deport to your country on your charge, will ban you from entering into Saudi Arabia. Recommended : Hajj Status of Residents

Performing Hajj Umrah on Family Visit Visa Saudi

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