Family visit visa fee is SR 2000 per passport which has to pay in home country, Their is No fee for Permanent family visa in home country. All the unapproved family visit visa applications applied in the last year 1437 are canceled and requested to make a new application starting from today 1st Moharram 1438. Visit visa applications approved before 1438 is not accepting in home countries.

- On every visit visa passport their will be a entry fee of SR 2000/- for entering into Saudi Arabia. Payment of entry visa fee can be paid only in home country at the time of stamping the visa in Saudi Embassy. Recommended : family visa application for visit

- Each passport entry have to pay SR 2000 on family visit visa However permanent family visa is exempt from this fee in home country, But they have to pay SR 2000 in Saudi Arabia per family while applying for permanent family visa. Similar : Saudi permanent family visa application

- For every child you need to pay SR 2000 on family visit visa, As it is already said for every passport you will be charged.  See Also : New Saudi visa fee structure from 2nd october

- This fee excludes hajj visa and Umrah for the first time entry only, They must pay from second entry in KSA on Hajj visa or Umrah visa.  There is nothing like per one hijri year free Umrah entry.

- The procedure for family visit visa and permanent family visa will remain same. Permanent family visa expatriates have to pay SR 2000 per family in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Same like earlier). You May Like : Online visit visa application Saudi Arabia

- From today the Exit re Entry Fee and Multiple exit re entry fee applied as per the new fee structured in Ministry Of Interior (MOI) online websites.  Related : New exit re entry visa fee in Saudi Arabia

- If anyone of you go through the new procedure after 2nd October, Please write to us in message on our Facebook page, It will help the other people who are looking for it.


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