Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, October 3, 2016

Saudi Arabia to Pay salaries now in Gregorian Calendar instead of Hijri Calendar

As per the decision of Saudi Arabia's cabinet, now government sector will get salaries, bonuses, allowances, wages and other payments on the basis of Gregorian calendar.

Starting from the new Islamic new year 1st Moharram 1438 (ie,. October 2, 2016), All the government and public sector employees will get salaries as per the Gregorian calendar. Earlier all the government employees use to get salaries as per Hijri calendar which is 1 or 2 days shorter than Gregorian calendar. Read more on this in this article "New Hijri year 1438".

- Most of the private sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are already switched the salaries on the basis of Gregorian calendar, Now government employees will also get in the same line. Recommended : Weekend rule violation penalty

- Earlier few days we heard of 15% salaries cut for Shoura Council members and 20% salaries cut for ministers and government sector, which is effected yesterday 2nd October 2016 (01-01-1438). You can read more about this in this article "Salaries cut from new hijri year in Saudi".

- A fee of SR 2000 on all the Saudi entry visas also effected from yesterday, the fee should be paid in the home country, It also includes family visit visa and permanent family visa. Read more on this in this article "Saudi family visa application new fee".


- It is the duty of citizens and expatriates to respect and follow the decision approved by the government. Similar : Saudi Arabia customs limit on airport passenger

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