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Over 20,000 people arrested in Saudi Arabia, within 1 week

A nationwide effort in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to track down and arrest those who violates the rules of residency, employment, and border security were resulted in the following. Recommend : Procedure to correct translated name in Iqama

The following outcomes occurred within one week during the time period from 4th April to 10th April 2024.

1. A total of 20,667 violators were arrested in all regions of the Kingdom during joint security field campaigns. Of these, 14,805 were found to have violated the residence law, 3,860 were found to have violated the border security law, and 2,227 were found to have violated the labor law.

2. A total of 959 individuals were caught while attempting to cross the border into the Kingdom. Of these, 44% were Yemenis, 53% were Ethiopians, and 3% were of other nationalities. Additionally, 58 individuals were taken into custody. For trying to cross the border outside the Kingdom in an irregular manner.

3. Nine individuals were arrested for their roles in accommodating, housing, and hiring individuals who violated regulations regarding residency, employment, and border security, as well as for protecting them. Read : Al-Khobar ranked in as one of the Smartest city in the world

4. The total number of individuals now being subject to processes for the application of regulations is 63,087. Of these, 58,708 are men and 4,379 are women.

5. About 6,271 of the violators were deported, 54,732 were sent to their diplomatic offices to get travel documents, 2,828 were to finish making their flight bookings.

- Anyone who facilitates the entry of violators of the border security regulation into the Kingdom exposes themselves to penalties of up to 15 years in prison, a fine of up to one million riyals, and confiscation faces penalties confirmed by the Ministry of Interior, This penalty also applies on being transported within it, providing shelter, or any other form of assistance or service. In addition to slandering him, they utilized his transportation and housing for accommodation. See Also : Saudi Arabia is offering 50% discount on traffic violation fines

- The Ministry emphasized that this is a serious offense worthy of arrest because it violates people's honor and trust and urged them to report any instances of violation to the following numbers, 911 in the Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Riyadh, and Al-Sharqiyah regions, and (999) and (996) in the rest of the Kingdom. Join Saudi Expatriates on imo channel

20,000 people arrested in Saudi Arabia, within 1 week -
Over 20,000 people arrested in Saudi Arabia, within 1 week -
20,000 people arrested in Saudi Arabia, within 1 week -

Over 20,000 people arrested in Saudi Arabia, within 1 week -

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