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Al-Khobar joins in the list of World's smart cities

Al-Khobar is crowned as a smart city by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in its 2024 rankings. According to the institute's announcement, Al-Khobar ranked 99th out of 142 cities worldwide. Trending video : Fine for transporting passengers without permit in Saudi Arabia

With its inclusion in this list of Smart cities, Al-Khobar joins Riyadh, Makkah, Madinah, and Jeddah as five Saudi cities that have been recognized as smart cities.

- This accomplishment highlights the ongoing advancements made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of technology.

- An important measure of a city's capacity to build smart, sustainable communities through the adoption and integration of advanced technology is the Smart City Index published by the IMD.

- Factors such as health and safety, access to education and jobs, mobility, cultural events, government, and the harmony between technology, economics, and people are used to rank smart cities. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia is offering 50% discount on Traffic fines

- To better meet the demands of their residents, reduce carbon emissions, and maximize the efficiency of resource utilization, "smart cities" are increasingly turning to digital technologies.

- As a result of Al-Khobar's placement in the Smart City Index, Sharqia Development Authority CEO Eng. Omar Al-Abdullatif took great delight. He credited the forward-thinking leadership of Saudi Arabia and the strategic directions from the Eastern Province governor for the Kingdom's overall progress across all industries, calling this recognition a tribute to that fact.

- The city of Al-Khobar is expected to grow economically and create new job prospects thanks to its smart city designation, which is projected to bring in worldwide investments, new firms, and projects. See Also : King Khalid International Airport launches e-Passport gates

Al-Khobar joins in the list of World's smart cities -
Al-Khobar joins in the list of World's smart cities -

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