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Saudi Arabia discovers Major Gas and Condensate in Jafurah field

The Saudi Arabian Oil Co. has found an extra 15 trillion standard cubic feet of gas in the Jafurah Field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  A statement from the Ministry of Energy says that the discovery also includes 2 billion barrels of condensate. Trending : Join Saudi Expatriates channel on Facebook

The new discovery means that the field now has 229 trillion standard cubic feet of gas and 75 billion barrels of condensate, according to a news release from the ministry that cited the Kingdom's Energy Minister, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman.

- The energy giant, also known as Saudi Aramco, made this find by following the strictest international rules when assessing and developing hydrocarbon resources to make sure they were used properly, the statement said.

- The Ministry of Energy said in November 2023 that Saudi Aramco had found two new gas fields, one in the Eastern Province and one in the Empty Quarter.

- The ministry announced in a news release that the first find was made in the Al-Hiran-1 well at the Hanifa reservoir. It said that the field was found after 30 million scf of gas and 1,600 barrels of condensate were sent out of the reservoir every day. Most Viewed : World's Highest hanging mosque is now in Saudi Arabia

- The second find was made at the Al-Mahakek-2 well, where 0.85 million scf of natural gas flowed every day.

- The ministry also said that gas was found in five other reservoirs in fields that had already been found. For example, gas flowed at a rate of 46 million scf per day in the Jalla reservoir in the Assekra field.

- The company also started making unconventional tight gas from its South Ghawar operating area in November, two months earlier than planned. Shale gas, which is another name for unconventional tight gas, is usually found in sources where hydrocarbons are tightly trapped in rock layers.

- Specialized methods, such as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, are needed to get this material out of the ground. See Also : Can an expat be arrested in Saudi Arabia, if his iqama expired

- The South Ghawar facilities that are now up and running can handle 300 million scf of raw gas and 38,000 barrels of condensate every day.

- Earlier in February, at the International Petroleum Technology Conference in Dhahran, Amin H. Nasser, CEO of Saudi Aramco, said that the company wants to keep producing all kinds of energy, such as oil, gas, and renewables.

- Additionally, he said that Aramco has the power to grow in any industry and make businesses that make money. Read : HR Ministry clarification on salary rise and allowances to workers

Saudi Arabia discovers Major Gas and Condensate in Jafurah field -

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