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For the first time, Bangladesh sends doctors to Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has just approved the recruitment and qualifications of Bangladeshi doctors and nurses, making this the first time that Bangladesh has sent medical professionals to serve there. Trending : 8 Animals that can be found only in Saudi Arabia in desert wildlife

There are only a handful of doctors among the approximately three million Bangladeshi expats working in the Kingdom, according to statistics from the Bangladesh Medical Association.

- It was not until 2022 that the two nations inked a contract to recruit medical professionals, the first group of Bangladeshi healthcare professionals arrived in the Kingdom in November 2023.

- Saudi Arabia delayed from hiring Bangladeshi medical professionals for an extended period of time. According to Essa Al-Duhailan, the ambassador of Riyadh to Dhaka, they have begun recruiting them since they meet our standards.

- It was only the beginning, though, the original group had around sixty clinicians. This figure will, hopefully, increase soon... "It is just to encourage the market and see how it goes," Al-Duhailan said in an interview last week. Most Viewed : Last year, Filipino workforce doubled in Saudi Arabia 

- Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Health sent a delegation to Bangladesh twice in 2017. They intend to keep going to Bangladesh in order to bring in additional recruits. The nursing staff is scheduled to leave for Saudi Arabia in the near future.

- More than 150 qualified nurses were requested by the kingdom's officials. Minister of Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment Khairul Alam stated, "Our ministry is now examining the demands, like where the Bangladeshi nurses will be employed, whether they will be employed by government-run hospitals or private health facilities, etc." according to Alam.

- The administration is currently establishing ways to speed the recruitment of medics, he told Arab News, given the development is new.

- Bangladeshi health sector workers have been appointed by Saudi Arabia, a country that is a major destination for our migrants. We applaud this recent development. The opportunity can be expanded much more, according to Alam. Recommend : Four expatriates executed in KSA for murdering a Sudanese national

- "For this, we will draft a comprehensive recruitment policy." There are a lot of licensed physicians, nurses, and ambulance drivers coming out of Bangladesh's 100+ medical schools.

- Learning possibilities exist when they work with high-quality equipment in the Kingdom.

- "The more medical staffers we can send and the more we can upgrade their quality, the more it will create a win-win situation for both countries," said Shariful Hasan, associate head of the migration program of BRAC, the largest development organization based in Bangladesh.

- In addition, our medical professionals (doctors, nurses, and other staff members) will be able to treat our expats while they are in the Kingdom, which is a great benefit to them. Read : Self employment for expats banned in delivery sector

- Presently, just 2% of Bangladeshi employees in the Kingdom possess the necessary level of expertise.

- So far, we have the biggest migrant exports but the lowest remittance receipts relative to the migrant population. According to Hasan, "our remittances will increase" if the country is able to send out more trained workers.

- "Our reputation as a nation that produces highly trained workers will be boosted."

For the first time, Bangladesh sends doctors to Saudi Arabia -

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