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4 Expats executed in Saudi Arabia for murdering a Sudanese national

The authorities in Saudi Arabia said it had executed 4 Ethiopians who lived in the kingdom illegally, for killing a Sudanese citizen. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia sets eligibility criteria for 5 new Saudi Premium residencies

The four expats were found guilty of murdering the man by beating him and cutting him after tying up his hands and feet, according to the Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia. No reason was given by them for the cause of the murder.

- The 4  were also found guilty of mugging, attempting to kill, and robbing other people at gunpoint.

- After investigations, they were taken to the right court, which found them guilty of major crimes and scaring other people by striking them and their money.

- Later, the decision was upheld by the supreme and appeals courts. It was also approved by a royal order, which meant it was final. The government said the executions were carried out in Riyadh on Wednesday. Recommend : Wage Protection Program ensures more than 700,000 private sector employers pay their workers on time in Saudi Arabia

- Saudi Arabia gives the death sentence to people who are found guilty of murder, terrorism, drug trafficking, or both.

- Earlier this, Two foreigners who lived in Saudi Arabia were put to death in December after being found guilty of killing a man by spraying insecticide into his mouth.

- A disagreement over money led to the murder, but the date was not given.

- The prisoners were from Bangladesh and were found guilty of bringing the victim, an Indian citizen, in a car to an empty plot of land, strangling him from behind with a piece of cloth, and killing him with an insecticide. Read : Average lifespan in Saudi Arabia increases

- After the murder, they tried to hide it by hiding the body. But the cops were able to catch them.

4 Expats executed in Saudi Arabia for murdering a Sudanese national -

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