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Private sector Employee can do two jobs in Saudi Arabia on a condition

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) in Saudi Arabia has made it clear that people who work in the private sector can have two jobs. Trending Video : Every petrol station in Saudi Arabia must have a Mosque and a coffee shop in it

The ministry's user care X account was asked if "the employee is not registered in an organization and company?" The scope takes into account both jobs.

- The Ministry added that in this situation, the worker's employment contract and the rules of the company hiring them should be checked to make sure they don't have a clause that says they can't have two jobs at the same time.

- There are some companies in the Kingdom that prohibits their workers to take two jobs, restricting the employee to work for others during their sponsorship. In such case, a worker can only perform his job with one company only. Most Viewed : Benefits of Walking backwards

- In the past few years, Saudi Arabia made efforts to improve its job market and make it more competitive and appealing.

- Earlier this year, the Ministry of Human Resources announced an authentication plan on its Qiwa platform. Under this plan, private sector companies will have to document 20% of their workers contracts in the first quarter of the year 2023, 50% in the second half, and 80% in the third quarter.

- The plan is meant to protect the rights of both parties to a contract, create a stable work setting that will help employees be more productive, and make the job market in the kingdom stronger.

- In the year 2020, Saudi Arabia made big changes to its labor laws that made its sponsorship system much better. Read : Saudi Arabia allows pets on Public Transportation

- The reforms, which took effect the year 2021, let people move jobs and limit the number of exit and re-entry visas expatriate workers can get without their employer's permission.

- Employee freedom means that expatriate workers can switch jobs when their contract ends without their current employer's permission.

- The exit and re-entry visa changes, on the other hand, let expatriate workers go outside of Saudi Arabia without their employers permission if they make a request.

- An estimated 32.2 million people live in Saudi Arabia, but a lot of them are expatriates from other countries. Join Saudi Expatriates community on WhatsApp

Private sector Employee can do two jobs in Saudi Arabia on a condition -

Private sector Employee can do two jobs in Saudi Arabia on a condition -

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