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Is it possible to extend Exit Re-Entry visa after its Expiry? Jawazat clarifies

The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia clarified on the possibility of extending Exit Re-Entry visa after its expiration, the authority has specified the conditions and steps for renewing the Re-Entry visa while the expat is outside the Kingdom and whether it can be renewed after its expiry or not. Trending Video : Ban period for failed to return to Saudi Arabia on Exit Re-Entry visa

Saudi Jawazat confirmed that the Exit Re-Entry visa for those who are outside the Kingdom can be extended online after paying the necessary fees through SADAD service via Absher or Muqeem platform of the employer.

- The Passports department further clarified that, extending of Exit Re-Entry visa is possible as long as the worker is on the employer's record, and the employer can extend the Re-Entry visa online for those who are outside the Kingdom.

- In order to extend the Re-Entry visa of a worker, the individual must be present outside the Kingdom at the time of extending visa. Most Viewed : Is it possible to convert Exit Re-Entry visa into Final Exit visa

- To extend the exit and re-entry visa, the presence of the individual to whom the visa is to be issued is required outside the Kingdom at the time of the visa extension, as it must be "the date of return before", and it can be 7 days before the date of expiry of the stay.

- For extension of single Exit Re-Entry visa, iqama (Residence Permit) must be equal to or more than 90 days in addition to the entered date, for the option of duration in days.

- Fee for extending single exit re-entry visa is 100 riyals and 200 riyals for the multiple exit re-entry visa and the fee can be paid through the Government Payments system in Saudi Banks.

Procedure to Extend Exit Re-Entry visa, as per Absher Individuals platform:

1. Login to the Absher platform. See Also : Exit Re-Entry visa extension procedure

2. Verify the OTP, received on your mobile number.

3. Enter into the Page "Non-Saudi and sponsored Family members".

4. Agree with Terms "I Agree".

5. Verify the Expat information, specify the Extension period.

6. Click on Visa Extension, and confirm it.

7. You will get message that, your visa has been successfully extended. Recommend : Saudi students honor Expat teacher, after 37 years

Is it possible to extend Exit Re-Entry visa after its Expiry Jawazat clarifies -

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