Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Saudi Arabia bans carving Quranic verses on Jewelry

Saudi Arabia has banned the embroidering of the Holy Quran verses on Jewelry and gold embroidery in order to prevent desecration of the Holy book, as per the local media (Okaz) reports. Most Viewed : Penalties on selling counterfeit gold in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Commerce in Saudi Arabia has highlighted how crucial it is to avoid engraving Quranic phrases on jewelry.

- The ministry cited an official letter written by the Mufti of the kingdom, who expressed concern that such objects might be used as amulets, which are forbidden in Islam. Recommend : Visit visa can be extended online, one week before its expiry

- Additionally, the senior Saudi scholar pointed out that these kinds of inscriptions on gold ornaments diminish the purity of the Quranic passages and constitute filth when the wearers go to the restroom.

- The restriction was pointed out in a letter to the Federation of the Saudi Chambers of Commerce that the newspaper obtained. See Also : Do medical checkups counted in leaves?

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