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Palestine a common cause for unifying Islamic and Arab nations - Saudi Minister

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) remains strong in its commitment to support the Palestinian people, the Minister of Islamic Affairs Sheikh Dr. Abdullatif Al-Sheikh highlighted it in a powerful speech during the 9th meeting of GCC Ministers for Islamic Affairs and Awqaf. Trending : Saudi criticizes the UN Security Council's inaction on Palestinian issue

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has been an unwavering supporter of their cause and has strongly condemned negative policies and acts against them since its founding. The minister emphasized that the Palestinian issue is a problem that affects everyone, not just Palestinians.

- "Palestine is a common cause that unifies Islamic and Arab nations, spanning boundaries and impacting humanity globally". Sheikh Dr. Abdullatif stressed how important it is to bring this issue to the forefront of religious debate and public awareness.

- Sheikh Abdullatif stated that Saudi Arabia supports the Palestinian people and their legal rights and that the Palestinian cause is an important issue for the Kingdom. Most Viewed : Cases in which worker's salary can be deducted without his approval

- The minister stressed during the discussion in Muscat the need to increase youth awareness and the importance of personal beliefs matching official government policies.

- He stated that the younger generation's decisions and actions should be guided by leaders who are qualified to tackle these difficult issues. Protecting moral, religious, and family values in GCC societies was the main focus of the meeting's discussion themes.

- Sheikh Dr. Abdullatif addressed the essential importance of upholding these ideals in the era of technological breakthroughs, when borders between nations have decreased. Recommend : Fixing a salary is not mentioned in Saudi Labor Law

- He saw that there were forces working to undermine moral and religious underpinnings, using both open and hidden means to incite disobedience to high values.

- The minister underlined how important it is for the Ministries of Islamic and Religious Affairs and Awqaf to encourage in young people strong morals, values, and a thorough understanding of Islam.

- He pointed out that this is necessary to effectively combat the globalization tendency of people becoming disengaged from their basic beliefs as individuals and societies. Read : Now appointment is must for Fahas in Saudi Arabia

- As the cornerstone for building resilient future generations, Sheikh Dr. Abdullatif believes that the family is the only institution capable of achieving this purpose.

- He also highlighted the ministry's plans to implement new guidelines for the construction of mosques, including the use of greywater for irrigation and the installation of solar panels on rooftops.

- A ministry study detailing an Islamic approach to preserving the environment and addressing climate change was given by Sheikh Abdullatif. He outlined the main environmental projects in Saudi Arabia, including Green Riyadh and the Saudi and Middle East Green initiatives. Follow Saudi Expatriates channel on Insta

Palestine a common cause for unifying Islamic and Arab nations - Saudi Minister -

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