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Saudi Arabia criticizes the UN Security Council's inaction on the Palestinian issue

Saudi Arabia has expressed its dissatisfaction with the perceived inaction of the international community in resolving the Palestinian crisis and harshly criticized the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for failing to uphold world peace and security. Trending : Fines related to Saudi iqama

The comments were made at a high-level UNSC meeting on the Middle East crisis, particularly on the Palestinian issue.

- Tuesday's meeting was called at the invitation of Brazil's foreign minister, who is now serving as the UNSC's month-long president, and Prince Faisal Bin Farhan, Saudi Arabia's foreign minister attended in the session.

- The targeting of people by any party was strongly condemned by the Saudi foreign minister in his speech, who said, The Kingdom denounces the targeting of civilians by any party. It has demanded an immediate stop to the killing, escalation, and hostage-taking as well as adherence to international agreements and regulations. Most Viewed : GCC affirms $100 million support to relief efforts of Gaza

- The Kingdom's leadership has made intensive efforts in engaging with friendly nations in order to stop the escalation and put an end to the cycles of deadly conflict."

- The foreign minister expressed deep concern at the failure of the international community to address what must to be universal humanitarian values and adherence to international norms governing the peaceful coexistence of nations and people.

- "We see great disappointment due to the international community's failure to address what should be shared humanitarian principles and international laws governing the relations and peaceful coexistence of states and societies, standing incapable of doing what is required to address the tragic situations and abandoning civilians in Palestine", he added. Recommend : Massive protests worldwide against Israeli aggression on Gaza

- The foreign minister emphasized the suffering of the Palestinians in Gaza as a result of the ongoing siege and Israeli military escalation, which has resulted in the ongoing targeting of civilian infrastructure and facilities, such as schools, hospitals, and basic services, and resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent people, including women, children, and the elderly, as well as the injury of thousands of civilians.

- The minister continued stating that, "What we are seeing in terms of the international community's inaction in working for a quick halt of the Israeli war machine's attempts at forced displacement and collective punishment against the people of Gaza will not bring us closer to the security and stability that we all seek".

- In order to stop Israeli violations, ensure the protection of civilians, lift the blockade, enable the quick entry of humanitarian aid, and avert a humanitarian catastrophe, the foreign minister insisted that it is high time for the UNSC to carry out its duties and for the international community to take a firm and serious stance.

- "The Security Council's failure to carry out its mandated role in preserving international peace and security, as well as its inability to come to a resolution addressing this crisis, amid ongoing Israeli violations of international charters, including international humanitarian law, cast doubt on the credibility of international legitimacy mechanisms and those defending them, as well as their ability to bring about peace". Read : Saudi Arabia to get $500 million Hyundai car factory in the region

- Prince Faisal stressed the serious implications that go beyond the current crisis, such as the policy of applying different standards to different laws and UN resolutions, and their potential impact on the legitimacy of international law and the entire global order, which could endanger global peace and security.

- He added that the ongoing cycles of violence are a direct result of the international community's decades-long failure to fulfill its responsibility in resolving the Palestinian issue and the serious consequences of disregarding pertinent UN resolutions.

- He highlighted that ignoring the causes of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict will not result in a fair resolution or bring about security and peace in the area. "Ending the Israeli occupation and sincerely supporting credible efforts to restart a peace process are necessary for resolving the Palestinian crisis." See Also : Visit visa can be extended online, one week before its expiry

Saudi Arabia criticizes the UN Security Council's inaction on the Palestinian issue -

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