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Pakistan wants to send its more workers to Saudi Arabia

Pakistan has urged Saudi Arabia to hire more of its citizens, offering to supply more than 1 million workers yearly as the kingdom moves forward with an ambitious growth plan to diversify its oil-dependent economy. Trending Video : Saudi Arabia's Tourist health insurance policy covers these all health services

Recent discussions between Saudi Ambassador to Islamabad Nawaf Al Malki and Jawad Soharb Malik, Pakistan's Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development, focused on the request.

- The Pakistani official said in a statement following the meetings that he held a "cordial" meeting with the Saudi envoy on Saturday and informed him of Pakistan's ability to supply more than 1 million people annually with a variety of skills.

- Soharb stated on the X platform that "the Saudi Vision 2030 needs millions of expatriate workers." Currently, 500,000 Pakistanis visit Saudi Arabia every year. There is a chance that this number will surpass 1 million, he said. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia provides $2 million to UNRWA in support of Palestine people

- We would soon begin the procedure for a bilateral deal with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

- 2.64 million Pakistanis are employed in Saudi Arabia, according to the country's Ministry of Human Resources, which was announced in May. According to the ministry, this number comprises 1.3 million workers in the Saudi private sector.

- The same numbers put the number of male Pakistanis employed in the kingdom at 2.2 million. The number of Pakistani domestic workers in Saudi Arabia is 963,000 men and over 52,000 women. See Also : McDonald's Saudi Arabia donates 2 million riyals to Gaza relief efforts

- Around 1.5 million Pakistani laborers were predicted to be present in the kingdom overall in the Year 2020. The relationship between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan has been growing recently.

- The first overseas trip of Shehbaz Sharif took after taking office was to Saudi Arabia in April of last year.

- Saudi Arabia gave Pakistan's foreign reserves a $3 billion loan in December, extending the loan's tenure, at order to strengthen the economy of Pakistan, the funds were deposited at the central bank in the Year 2021. Subscribe to Saudi Expatriates YouTube channel

Pakistan wants to send its more workers to Saudi Arabia -

Pakistan wants to send its more workers to Saudi Arabia -

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