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An expat caught in possession of Veterinary drugs without permit

An expat worker who was acting as a representative of a business engaged in illegally preparing veterinary medications was arrested in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Linkedin

He was caught by the criminal investigation officers while delivering veterinary medications in a non-refrigerated truck without heat maps or temperature gauges during a heat wave.

- After noticing him during an inspection tour of the authorities in the city of Dammam, the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) filed the worker to the Public Prosecution, according to the Saudi Press Agency. Trending : This is the penalty for driving a car with unclear or damaged number plate in Saudi Arabia

- According to the authority, it was discovered that the representative had unregistered veterinary medicinal preparations in his possession and had made veterinary preparations from scratch, including a spray to cure parasites and a spray to treat illnesses of the eyes in animals.

- The analysis's findings showed that it didn't adhere to the technical regulations. Additionally, he was seen purchasing empty containers with the intention of filling them with these mixtures without first acquiring the required permissions.

- According to the Gulf Cooperation Council states Veterinary Products Law and its executive regulations, which are based on Article 27 of the law, the possession, manufacture, composition, and marketing of a veterinary preparation without obtaining the required statutory licenses constitute violations of the law. This was confirmed by the SFDA. Most Viewed : Each worker can avail only one health insurance policy

- According to the article, anybody who engages in fraud in the preparation, sale, or manufacture of veterinary products is in violation of the law, and the SFDA is authorized to send such cases to the Public Prosecution for further investigation.

- The maximum sentence under the law is five years in prison, a fine of no more than SR5 million, or both. The authorities advised dialing the unified number (19999) or using the Tameni app to report violations of the establishments under its jurisdiction. Recommend : Jawazat clarification on, Is it possible to transfer sponsorship on a final exit visa

An expat caught in possession of Veterinary drugs without permit -

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