Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, August 3, 2023

Fine for driving a Car with unclear or damaged number plates in Saudi Arabia

The General Directorate of Traffic (Moroor) in Saudi Arabia highlighted the importance of vehicle drivers to ensure the clarity of vehicle plates and to replace them in case of damage. Follow Saudi Expatriates on X

According to Saudi Moroor, "Driving a vehicle with unclear or damaged vehicle number plates is a traffic violation and this calls for a fine of 1,000 to 2,000 riyals".

- Earlier this, the Traffic Department of Saudi Arabia warned of the need to observe 3 controls before changing lanes on the roads.

1. Before changing the lane on roads, the vehicle driver must make sure that the necessary signal is turned on before moving in sufficient time. Trending : Each worker can use only one Health Insurance at a time in Saudi Arabia from now onwards

2. The Saudi Moroor also said that, the vehicle driver must also ensure that there are no signs preventing to the lane to which he wants to go.

3. Make sure that the other lane is free of vehicles. - The advisor, retired Major Ibrahim Abu Sharara, stressed the need to modify the vehicle's speed once it had passed the traffic light.

- During a interview on Al-Arabiya, Abu Sharara said that, most vehicle drivers rely on passing the traffic light at the same period or perhaps more.

- The system requires the driver of the vehicle in that case to adjust the speed of the car to a lower speed in preparation of any emergency that may appear to the driver on the road. Most Viewed : It is possible to transfer sponsorship, after final exit visa issued?

Fine for driving a Car with unclear or damaged number plates in Saudi Arabia -

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