Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, July 31, 2023

Absher warns against sharing Digital IDs information with Suspicious parties

The Absher platform in Saudi Arabia advised all the users against exposing their digital identities to others, in order to avoid falling as victim to abuse. Subscribe to Saudi Expatriates on YouTube

The Absher platform through its official "X" account said that, "Your Absher account is your digital identity, do not let others take advantage of your id and do not provide access of your personal information to them".

- "Do not share your information and keep your data confidential. Sharing your password and verification code with suspicious parties will hold you responsible for the legal and criminal consequences", added the Absher platform. See Also : 3 benefits of digital driving license

- Earlier this, the official Absher X handle highlighted the importance of not responding to any emails that requests your personal information or payment of money.

- The Absher platform stated that, Let them do not use you, ignore emails which ask you for any information or direct you to use links to pay any amount of money.

- Make sure you use the platform of Absher on or through official applications of the Absher. Read : National Address services are now available in Absher

- Absher is now accessible in most of the countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka without any VPN. Earlier, in the Asian countries the expats need to use VPN in order to access Absher, now there is no need of it. So try to use direct website for any service, while you are outside the country.

Absher warns against sharing Digital IDs information with Suspicious parties -

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